SpectraCal and Sencore join in Strategic Partnership

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SpectraCal and Sencore join in Strategic Partnership

Postby derekjsmith » Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:10 am

Exciting news in the video calibration industry: Sencore and SpectraCal jointly announced today that henceforth Sencore will be selling a private version of CalMAN, "Sencore Colorpro by CalMAN," replacing all previous versions of Colorpro. (See the press release.)

We're extremely proud of CalMAN's achievement. In less than a year since CalMAN Professional was released at last fall's CEDIA in Denver, it has completely swept the market.

What does the Sencore-SpectraCal announcement mean for existing CalMAN users?

First and foremost, please be assured that we're still here for you. The CalMAN you know and love will continue to be available from us. We're continuing to develop it ? a new version should be out later this month, with lots of features we think you'll appreciate ? and you can continue to expect support from SpectraCal. You can continue to buy CalMAN licenses and hardware directly from us.

Additionally, this deal gives SpectraCal the resources it has never had to support you better. Thanks for all your understanding as our tiny startup has worked around the clock to get you what you need. With Sencore's muscle behind us, we can now staff up to do things we've never been able to do before. We just hired a crack test engineer to help improve CalMAN"s robustness, and we plan to bring on additional developers as quickly as we can integrate them into our development team. In fact, we're hiring now, and if you have a skill set you think might interest us, please send a resume to la@spectracal.com. We have a LONG list of features we plan to add to CalMAN as fast as we can. The next year should be exciting and rewarding for CalMAN users. (And remember that as long as you continue to pay our nominal annual maintenance fees, you get all new CalMAN releases for free.) As always, we encourage you to submit your wish list to us. We can't promise we'll incorporate everything that every CalMAN user in the world requests ? but we'll certainly consider every request carefully and do what we can to meet your requirements.

If you have any questions, please give a call, we'd love to talk with you.

And please accept our most sincere and heartfelt thanks for your support of CalMAN as it has swiftly transitioned from unknown and unheard of to the undisputed leader in this industry. CalMAN as it is today and as it will continue to evolve is above all a reflection of your contributions and support.

Thank you.

Derek, Bill, L.A., Jim, Chris, and Melissa
Your pals at CalMAN
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