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Forum Rules and User Agreement - Please read

Postby Bill » Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:21 am

While these are moslty common sense rules, I would like to point out what is expected of users of this forum.

1) Please be civil, courteous and kind. Be respectful of your fellow members and appreciate the different interests, ability levels and language skills of the users who frequent this forum. Vulgar, derisive or insulting language not only reflects poorly on those who use it, but it will also not be tolerated.

2) Any marketing or sales-oriented acitivities must be approved by me. While this forum does support a commercial product, that does not give free license to others to use this forum for their own commercial purposes. Anyone thinking of offering products for sale, including organizing group buys via this website, must get approval first.

3) You bought it, so it is your right to break it. Messing with the service menu of your set will generally void your warranty. If you are here and did not know that, then you know it now. What is worse, the temperatures and voltages that are contained within many displays and televisions are sufficient to seriously injure or even kill you. They do not call it a HIGH VOLTAGE power supply for nothing. If you can understand this, but still want to trudge into your service menu anyway, then I will allow discussions of service menu codes on the open forum.

You are all adults who can afford a VERY expensive hobby. As a condition of membership for this forum, you agree to hold me ,or anyone else here, harmless for damage you do to your equipment from knowledge that may or may not be correct that is posted here. No warranty for the validity of information contained here is expressly given nor implied. This site is for entertainment purposes only, and it is not certified by certified psychics.

You get what you pay for, and this site is free. Your recoverable damages from such anyone here: exactly what you paid for access to the site. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nunca.


4) No violation of copyrights or other intellectual property is allowed. Fair use doctrine prevails, but do not use this site to promote violation of others' intellectual property. Do not post the entire text of a service manual; do not swap copyrighted pictures via PMs; do not post how to crack CSS, AACS or any other encryption mechanism.

No, I do not care that you think the media companies are nameless, faceless, greedy, impersonal, soulless organizations who are only out to bleed you dry of your money so that you can be entertained. Have you looked at Maslow's Hierarchy by any chance? Free entertainment is pretty far up there, so you are stretching the bounds of credibility when you make the case that you "need" free entertainment. In fact, quite a few people might disagree with you on this point, if they could stop focusing on trying to live to do it.

That being said, if you want to promote outright piracy, you will be required either to refrain from posting here, or you must wear a parrot on your shoulder, begin every sentence you post with the word "Aargh!", and you must close every sentence with either "shiver me timbers" or "ain't that right, me mateys?". Your choice. How long you have to do this is up to me.

In either case, offending material will be struck from the site.

5) Should it become necessary, these rules can be amended at any time. People who make the kind of money that affords them to play with a hobby like this ought not to need much more than a reminder about the first rule, but I have to cover my rear. That being said, if people prove otherwise, then new rules will be forthcoming.

While I have tried to make these rules somewhat tongue-in-cheek to aid people in actually wanting to read them, I am quite serious about this, including the stuff about the parrot. Let's make this a place to which we can all be proud to have contributed.


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