New Review: Tom's Hardware (2014-03-19)

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New Review: Tom's Hardware (2014-03-19)

Postby leethompson » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:28 am

"Do It Like Tom's: Calibrating Your Monitor With CalMAN RGB"
Tom's Hardware (Author: Christian Eberle, Posted: March 19, 2014)

"In all of our monitor reviews, we stress the importance of calibration. Even displays that perform well out of the box can be made better with an instrumented adjustment. Some of our recent test subjects achieved near-perfect results after we took the time to calibrate them using the controls available in their OSD menus. While there are many tools available to help you accomplish this, two packages are the most-used in our lab: Datacolor’s Spyder family and CalMAN RGB from SpectraCal."
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